Latest Baylor scandal news downright sickening

Baylor head coach Art Briles gets emotional in the tunnel after his senior players were introduced before an NCAA college football game against Texas Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015, in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

If you thought the Baylor football scandal couldn’t get worse, you’d be wrong. It somehow did.

A court filing by the three Baylor regents says Art Briles, the school’s former football coach, and his staff not only knew about multiple sexual-assault allegations and other crimes committed by the players but attempted to protect those players while showing little concern for the law and potential victims.

Several damning text messages were included in the suit, and TMZ listed them: Click here

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach talked about what it all means for the future of Baylor and Briles:

The allegations are enough for ESPN’s Paul Finebaum to rule Briles’ coaching career over, and he questioned whether former assistants like his son, Kendal Briles, who’s an offensive coordinator at Florida Atlantic, should be allowed to coach:

“I think (Art Briles) is finished as a head football coach or as any coach for that matter. I think now you have to wonder about his son. I really believe that stadium there, that shrine to Art Briles (McLane Stadium) was built with blood money. I blame everyone on that board of trustees, that board of regents that was complicit in this.”

College Football Talk’s John Taylor largely agrees with Finebaum:

They are allegations that should further call into question whether Briles should ever have another seat at the collegiate coaching table again — or any coaching table at any level, for that matter. Briles recruited and kept “bad dudes” on his football roster, then blamed their victims. Putting broader numbers to it, that’d be 52 acts of rape allegedly committed by 31 “bad dudes” during the last four years of Briles’ tenure according to one lawsuit. Shame on you, any college football program, that employs a coach who, if he didn’t specifically encourage it, seemingly fostered a sexually violent environment that was at bare minimum tolerated and at worst covered up for the sake of wins and losses.

Sports Illustrated’s Lindsay Schnell is finished with Briles, too:

As far as I’m concerned, Briles is a lost cause. He’s had multiple opportunities to come clean, to own his mistakes and come across as truly remorseful. He’s passed on all of them.

Here’s one now-cringeworthy opportunity Briles passed up during an ESPN interview a few months back:

Rightfully so, many are Twitter are disgusted by the latest news:

But at least one person tried to add some levity:

What do you think? Should the NCAA ban Briles from coaching for life?

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