Good luck figuring out what’s going on with Sherman?

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman’s situation in Seattle could not be much more confusing.

Do the Seahawks want him out? Is Sherman seeking a trade? Which NFL teams actually are willing to give up the farm for such a high-dollar, high-profile player? And, mostly, why do we know so much about all of this?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter threw a new wrinkle into the story when said:

“It has been my understanding all along that Richard Sherman was the one who initiated this. He was the one that wanted to be traded initially. The Seahawks were obliging him and his request.”

Before then, most analysts thought it was the Seahawks initiating the trade talks because they wanted to unload a big, cumbersome contract.

And on Thursday, rumors circulated that the Patriots were in cornerback. But reported Friday that New England is “not interested.”

So where does that leave us? This man basically speaks for everyone:

One thing that is certain is Sherman is good at what he does:

ESPN’s Max Kellerman tries to make sense of it all:

CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter said it made sense that Sherman wanted to play for the Patriots:

NFL Network’s Heath Evans said the Seahawks should look to trade Sherman to an AFC team, but Deion Sanders thinks they should keep him:

The crew on’s “Around the NFL” discuss where Sherman might go:

Dave Dameshek and Matt Smith, on’s “DDFP,” say they think Sherman will stay in Seattle:

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio agrees, saying Sherman’s value is too high to be traded:

If it is true, the situation is less about the Seahawks wanting to send a message and/or to move on from Sherman than it is about Sherman wanting to move on from the Seahawks or, at a minimum, to let the Seahawks know that he’s valued highly by other teams. Either way, he’s not valued highly enough at this point by other teams to result in a team giving up, as reported by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, a very good young player and a high pick in the draft. Sherman is surely not the first player who has agitated for a trade; plenty of others over the years have tried to finagle a deal only to be told, “No.” The Seahawks have instead accommodated his request, and recently opted for full transparency about the situation. Sherman, if it’s true that he initiated the process, opted originally for zero transparency.

The crew on ESPN’s “SportsNation” crew are amazed how open this whole process has been:

While the Seahawks might be open about the trade talks, Sherman might hiding his true intentions. The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta is confused:

Why Sherman would want out is harder to figure. The team signed him to a top-of-market contract in 2014 and Sherman has never seemed to indicate any unhappiness with that deal. And while he may have at times chafed that the team left him on the left side instead of having him trail the opponent’s best receiver, he was asked to do more coverage of a specific opponent last season than ever before in his career.

Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt also is unclear whether Sherman wants out of Seattle:

The evidence of strain in the relationship showed up last year, but none of the incidents seemed to rise to the level of causing a divorce. If Sherman’s sufficiently disillusioned with what’s going on in Seattle, perhaps he’s trying to stay in front of the posse by suggesting a deal. So far, he’s not said anything inflammatory, insisting there was “no bad blood.” But if he’s the one beating the drum for a deal, he might have been underselling things.

What do you think? Should the Seahawks trade Sherman? Do you think they’ll actually go through it? And, if true, why do you think Sherman wants to leave the Seahawks?

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