Curry cutting himself off social media during playoffs

Fans cheer as Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry yells after the Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 of the NBA basketball Western Conference finals in Oakland, Calif., Monday, May 30, 2016. The Warriors won 96-88. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Steph Curry will go silent on social media for the remainder of the NBA playoffs. Is that a smart decision?

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The story:

With the NBA postseason underway, Golden State Warriors All-Star point guard Stephen Curry told ESPN he has curtailed his social-media usage. Indeed, to further assist in avoiding “unnecessary distractions,” the two-time MVP says he deleted every social media application from his phone before Game 1 of the first-round series against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Steph Curry:

“When you’re really trying to zone in and keep your focus, you don’t want to have any unnecessary distractions during this point of the season. We have goals to accomplish, and you want to make sure you’re giving your all. I didn’t do it because [LeBron] did it. I’m not reinventing the wheel,” Curry told ESPN. “It’s just a way to help me keep my focus on what’s important. I have a way of sending out messages without getting into my accounts. That way, I’m not seeing or reading something I’m trying to avoid.”

Well, if it leads to this type of play from Steph…

Highlights from Game 2:

Steph, after Game 2:

Different from LeBron:

James removes himself from the social media sphere entirely, refraining from tweeting and posting pictures. Curry goes about his social media ban a little differently. Moments before each game, Curry typically tweets out “Lock in #DubNation.” He didn’t do that on Sunday. He said he’ll occasionally send out a tweet or a picture, but he won’t log into his accounts to do so.

Kyle Newport from Bleacher Report:

There’s nothing ground-breaking about staying off your phone, especially when it’s crunch time. Basketball should be the main focus right now because all that matters is hoisting that Larry O’Brien Trophy. For the reigning two-time MVP, he’s found something that works. And he has no plans on changing things up. “It’s worked for me so far,” Curry explained to Haynes. “I’m going to stay with it.” Make all the 3-1 jokes you want, but Curry has helped his team reach the Finals in each of the past two seasons. Not to mention the fact that James has made it to six consecutive Finals. If ditching social media for a couple months is the key to being one of the last two teams standing, more players may want to take note.

His last posts:

The last time Steph played in Portland:

What do you think? Is that a smart decision?

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