Trump to make golf great again?


Barack Obama loves basketball and brought more attention to the game during his eight years in office. Golf lovers hope President Trump can do the same for their game.

Trump’s apparently a better golfer then Tom Brady:

“Tom Brady, for all of his athletic achievements, cannot beat Donald Trump at golf,” says for aide Corey Lewandowski, adding that Brady would back him up on that surprising claim. “That’s a true story.”

Trump loves golf:

Over the past decade or so brash American billionaire businessman Donald Trump has become one of the biggest ‘players’ and influential figures in golf even though he freely concedes: “Golf isn’t my major business, but I love golf and have had a great relationship and a lot of fun with it.  The golf industry, for me, has been a very good one, very successful and I have the best locations, and the best courses.”

Trump recently hit the course with Tiger Woods: Click here

Golf Week’s Bradley Klein wonders if Trump will have an impact on the game:

In that capacity, Trump gives the golf industry, long treated as a punching bag by Washington, something it never has had: An informed advocate at the highest rung of government.

His course in Scotland is growing:

It was revealed that Trump’s golf course in Scotland would be expanding, adding a second 18-hole golf course, as well as a 450-room, five-star hotel.

Will he be the best golfing president ever (you know he thinks so):

What do you think? Will President Trump bring more attention to golf? Why or why not?

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