Welcome to the new Fandings!


Fandings is first and foremost about you, the user, and on a larger scale, the incredible community we’ve built over the past few years.

With that in mind, we took your suggestions and improved the Fandings user experience in important ways in 2016.

The app is faster than ever, the new interface is cleaner and easier to use, and we’ve added a leaderboard. And if you’re away from your phone or prefer to provide your hot take using a full-sized keyboard, a web version of the game is now available at playfandings.com.

But we’re hardly finished improving Fandings, and we’re excited about several upcoming developments:

  1. We expect an Android version of the app to be available within weeks.
  2. We plan to improve the leaderboard and offer more prizes to top scorers, providing you extra motivation to beat your friends.
  3. Our app questions and social-media presence will be geared even more toward trending sports topics and the game you’re currently watching.
  4. A video tutorial of the game will available on our website soon, which should make introducing your friends, family and foes to the app that much easier.
  5. Our website and this blog will receive a redesign, and the blog now will be updated multiple times throughout the day, every day. We will aggregate the best sports opinion on the web (columns, videos, tweets, etc.) for your viewing pleasure. Plus, we’ll also feature some of your top app debate responses, product updates, just-for-fun items we spot on the web and, on occasion, our two-cents on the latest sports controversy. If you regularly visit our blog, we promise you’ll always be fully informed and prepared to do battle on the app.

One request we regularly receive is for app debate winners to be chosen in a shorter period of time. We get it. People are busy, and who wants to wait 24 hours (or longer) to find out if your debate response was the best?

We want to bring this change to you, but first, we need your help. Frankly, without more regular users, shorter debates are just not feasible. If, for example, we have a 30-minute debate, that likely wouldn’t be enough time to generate more than one or two votes, and no one wants his debate decided by so few people.

So, please help us bring more people into this growing community. Talk your friends into downloading the iOS version of the app at apple.co/1ITwL4w or playing on the web at playfandings.com. Have them follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/fandings and Instagram at instagram.com/fandings. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/fandings. And regularly check this blog (fandings.com/blog) and give us your most honest feedback.

We’re here for you, and together, we’ll make this the best sports community available.

— Fandings team